The last 24 hours have both been really good and really bad.

My job interview went well- I really think I have a good shot of the job. And what’s more I want the job.

But my corgi hasn’t gotten better. I don’t super think he has anything fatal, it’s just scary how fast all this set in.

I’m so terrified of losing him. He really is the most important thing in my life.

Garrus refuses to use his hind legs, or can’t. At best he just got a sprain or cut and is babying them. At worst he could have lymes disease or something wrong with his joints/spine.

But since he’s a 4 year old corgi with immaculate health to this point (and I’ve been keeping him up to date on flea/ tick meds)——I really have no clue what could be wrong with him.

He still drinks water and eats all his food with no problem (albeit sitting down), which I take as a good sign. But he also hasn’t urinated since yesterday around 7pm and hasn’t defecated in over a day. I’d be happy to hold him, but I don’t think he understands what I’m doing.

All in all this has had me so worried I kept him in my room last night so I could keep an eye on him. As the night wore on I got more worried (sleep deprivation talking), and so I’m running on only 90 minutes of sleep right now.

Me and dad are taking Garrus to the vet at 8:15, so about 2 hours from now. I’ll know what’s going on soon enough.

I was planning on going to see my mate and my best friend this weekend, but unless this really is something minor, I probably will have to reschedule.

More updates later, and if you can, wish my corgi luck.

I apparently have normal job interviews.

The last time I had a solo job interview I had a cold and lost my voice.

Today I have a job interview at 2 for a tour guide position, and I woke up to find my dog somehow hurt his leg and is limping. The vet appointment is scheduled for tomorrow morning, and he’s fine just laying around, but I’d much rather be here with him than an hour away doing a job interview.

Rest peacefully, Robin Williams - our Captain.

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you think THAT can hurt ME???

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tohaheavyindustries said: This isn’t the first I’ve heard of JMU being kinda shitty towards victims. The school almost didn’t give my friend grad school tuition over it but once she got a lawyer involved they 180’d. But that’s a more private case and the perps were townies.

Wow… Just wow. Are you for serious?! “Oh sorry about your rape but you’re no longer pure enough for our halls of learning, sorry!”

What. Even. I really didn’t think I could be more done with JMU, but this is icing on a very horrible cake. 

I am so sorry that JMU treated your friend like crap, and I am really happy they got their tuition in the end.

I have a question though—-do you know when this happened? I wanna know which JMU President is responsible for this (since it likely was under his purview).

Thank you for bringing this trash to my knowledge!

Ashamed to be JMU Alumni

Pardon the mass-reblogging about rape and JMU, but since it is student move-in time at JMU and I am now officially JMU alumni this is really fucking important.

This has little to do with the student body, the faculty, or even JMU itself and everything to do with the administration. After this absolutely shameful handling of this rape, President Alger needs to be fired.

There is currently a federal investigation underway about the complete sweeping-under-the-rug that is happening here.

In the meantime however the faculty (or at least the ones I am in contact with) are outraged. Many of them will be submitting their own statements that President Alger needs to be removed from the position he has so obviously proven himself to be incapable of handling with dignity.

(Casual reminder here, Alger spent $150,000 of the University’s money on his inaugural celebration. Y’know, cuz that was necessary).

So people are rightfully pissed. Good. Stay pissed.

Parents have pulled their daughters from attending the university. Good. More should do so. That’ll get JMU to listen when tuition money isn’t flowing in.

Students—- voice your anger at this. Say it loud and say it angry. 

It is horrendous and disgusting that a state institution would give three known rapists a slap on the wrist while the victim is forced to drop out of school as a result of the trauma.

These three Sigma Chi members need to be known by the community and shamed. Sigma Chi needs to be shamed.

Sigma Chi brothers Mike Lunney, Jay Dertzbaugh and Nick Scallion are rapists. Two of them have already graduated but one is still there.

JMU, there is a known rapist on your campus, one who raped an innocent woman, videotaped the act, and then distributed it online. 

He has had no punishment from the law or his university. He is still taking classes, earning credit, and will be getting a degree.

Rape is a felony and he deserves punishment.

JMU’s administration also deserves punishment for shielding a rapist.


James Madison University Punished Sexual Assault With ‘Expulsion After Graduation’

James Madison University punished three fraternity members for sexually assaulting a female student and sharing their video of the attack by banning them from campus — after they graduate.

The school found the men responsible for sexual assault and harassment in the spring break 2013 attack on Sarah Butters, and determined that they shared the video widely with others on the JMU campus in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The unusual “expulsion after graduation” sanction allowed two of the men to graduate on time in May. The third plans to remain on campus for his senior year in 2014-15.

Butters’ complaint to federal officials about the school’s handling of the attack has prompted an investigation by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. JMU is among four universities in Virginia and 63 nationwide to face federal scrutiny on sexual assault cases. The investigation, opened on June 4, will review whether JMU violated the gender equity law Title IX.

S. Daniel Carter, an advocate for sexual assault victims who is frequently involved in federal policy on campus safety, said he’d never heard of that kind of punishment.

Lisa Maatz, vice president of government relations at the American Association of University Women, said the sanction undermines campus safety and sends the wrong message.

"What if they rape another woman while they’re allowed to finish their degrees? When this type of outcome happens, it seems like the school has dismissed the survivor’s very real trauma and negated her courage in coming forward," Maatz said.

James Madison administrators declined to comment, citing federal privacy laws, except to say the school is working with the Education Department to resolve the complaint.

"James Madison University takes very seriously any allegation of sexual assault and is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for every member of the JMU community," university spokesman Bill Wyatt said.

Butters was in Florida during Spring Break 2013, when the assault took place, drinking with the three men, who she said she considered trusted friends. While still in Florida, she said she learned of the video and confronted the men, who denied it. Once she returned to campus, she said she found that the video was being shared and discussed on an online gossip forum. Eventually, she got a copy.

"It was kind of hard for me to deal with," Butters said in an interview. "I just tried to diminish the situation — I didn’t want to bring it up, didn’t want to talk about it."

Butters and her sorority adviser spoke with an official in the school judicial affairs office, and was told there was no rush to press charges. Butters said she was later told the school could pursue punishment without her permission with the video evidence, so Butters provided a copy in April 2013.

The video shows Butters topless and being groped, while the men laugh and pull her onto their laps, trying to remove the bottom of her bathing suit. It includes audio of Butters saying, “This isn’t okay, this isn’t a good idea.”

A judicial affairs representative told Butters it was rare for anyone to be expelled, according to documents from the adjudication process shared with The Huffington Post. The student handbook listed suspension as the harshest punishment for sexual assault.

Josh Bacon, the JMU director of judicial affairs, told Butters he couldn’t determine if the video scene was consensual, according to Butters.

Butters filed a formal complaint with the judicial affairs office in January 2014. Following a series of hearings, where Butters provided screenshots of text messages from people saying the men had shared the video with other students, Bacon found the three men responsible for sexual assault and sexual harassment, punishing them with expulsion after graduation. The men would not be allowed to walk at commencement and were prohibited from coming to campus after they got their degrees.

Butters said Bacon told her after his decision that if the men returned to campus, say, for tailgating in the fall, the punishment would be enforced if a police officer recognizes them. The same was true if they were caught at commencement.

Butters appealed the punishment. A hearing board decided to expel the men immediately. The three appealed, and another hearing board decided on April 2 to return to the original “expulsion after graduation” sanction. The board also prohibited the men from contacting Butters and banned them from joining student clubs.

Butters said she has decided to withdraw from the university. Her grades had slipped during the adjudication process, causing her to lose financial aid.

Butters said an official in the judicial affairs office told her during the adjudication process that this was the most serious case the office had handled.

"If this is the most serious case you’ve ever dealt with," Butters said, "You don’t think it calls for some type of punishment like suspension or expulsion?"

Butters said she filed a complaint with the Education Department on April 30, because of the sanction and because she believed the men were afforded more rights than she was, allowing them more time to file appeals and more access to relevant documents. She said the fears the school’s response will prevent other sexual assault victims from coming forward.

"What is a girl going to think that I had video proof and I still have to see these boys on campus?" Butters asked. "How would she ever feel comfortable coming forward?"

The three men’s names are:

  • Mike Lunney
  • Jay Dertzbaugh
  • Nick Scallion

Do not forget their names. As a fellow Duke and survivor, JMU should be ashamed. Sarah Butters, thank you for speaking up. I’m sorry JMU and so many others have failed you.

"Doling out an expulsion but then adding–I’m imagining it in tiny fine print–that it doesn’t start until after graduation is particularly egregious way of acting like you’re taking sexual assault super-duper seriously without actually doing it."

University punishes students guilty of sexual assault with expulsion…after graduation (via brutereason)

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3 men sexually assaulted a girl, filmed it, and spread it across James Madison University’s campus and the school is going to expel them…. AFTER they graduate.

Not to mention that, despite the fact that these are three grown ass adults, their names aren’t being released - but the victim’s is.

I’m literally so angry and I think I’m angrier because I’ve had family attend this school and I have friends currently attending this school and they were attending it when the assault happened so it very easily could have been them. I don’t even know how to respond to this but I’m mad and I want these “men” to face consequences for their actions.

"The last thing Sarah Butters remembers from the day she was sexually assaulted was going to a gathering of around a dozen classmates from James Madison University. It was held at an aquaintance’s condo in Panama City, Fla.

Butters, a sophomore at JMU at the time of the incident in March 2013, was part of a group of friends that had traveled to Panama City. for Spring Break. But what started as a chance to unwind by the beach turned nightmarish when Butters started to hear rumors about what had allegedly transpired at the condo that night.

Although Butters struggled to remember the evening, the events had apparently been recorded in more permanent form: on a student’s video phone."

Welcome to James Madison University, where abusers graduate and victims drop out  (via micdotcom)