These anime faces were probably pretty hard to pull off. Result’s totally worth it though.


Inktober Sketch #21

Churro is by far the cutest Inktober I’ve done. I seem to have strayed from my original monster theme and am now just doing halloween-type stuff. 

Oh well, Churro’s cute and I love him. He’s also my new icon for HetDolhaus (since I’m completely sick of having no icon), so I figured it’d be nice if I formally introduced you to him. He’s a happy little Lucky Chime based on La Dios De los Muertos <3 

I think Lucky Chimes are the cutest fearing adopt species out there. Here’s these little bell creatures smaller than your hand that bap their heads with their ears to ring the bell inside their head—-how cute is that?!?! (Churro here is probably sitting on a bunch of bite-sized churro sticks).

I want 50 billion.

Churro the Festive Skull Lucky Chime belongs to me

Lucky Chimes belong to burrdog (go give them love and money!)

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Too bad they dragged you into this. Either way, you’re mine….To do with as I please.

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"Ooh mister Ruvik" A fanfiction


Inktober sketch #20

More Ruvik sorrynotsorry. Looking back at the sketches from the other day in not exactly happy with them. They’re cute but his face is wrong and the burns were awful.

So I decided to give it another shot. Despite being a really visually complicated character he’s really fun to draw.